David Salle

Wonder , 2013

75.0 x 68.0 Inches
Oil and ink on canvas
Unique artwork
Estimate $158,000 - $193,000
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About the artist

David Salle

David Salle is an American Neo-Expressionist artist best known for his collage-like figuration paintings. Born in Oklahoma in 1952, Salle went on to study at the California Institute of the Arts, where he received both his MFA and BFA. Here he studied under famed Conceptual artist, John Baldessari, who would have a lasting influence on his work. Upon graduation in 1975, Salle moved to New York where he rose to fame in the 1980s and continues to live and work today.   

Salle’s multidisciplinary practice includes painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, film, and writing. Salle borrows styles and techniques from other mediums to invent a new style in his paintings.  The disjointed composition of Salle’s paintings are not necessarily meant to enhance a story, but are a “vehicle for his creative imagination.”  Salle draws inspiration from a variety of cultural references, such as magazine ads to paintings from the Baroque and Post-Impressionist periods. This playful juxtaposition of multicultural references was prolific and pushed the boundaries of figure representation. Salle’s work has been featured in prominent museums and galleries worldwide, and has participated in international exhibitions including Documenta 7, Venice Biennale, Whitney Biennial, and Paris Biennale.

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