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Paulina Olowska

Private Listing , 2013

Estimate $60,000 - $70,000
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About the artist

Paulina Olowska

Paulina Olowska, born in 1976, is a Polish artist who is known for her nostalgic depictions of late communist-era Poland, pulling inspiration from the visual cultures of her home country during the Cold War and from utopian Modernisms such as Bauhaus, Russian constructivists, and the Polish cabaret. In her process, she often applies the methods of the Western avant-garde, of Dada and Pop art, to her images. Olowska’s realist paintings have a wistfulness to them, oftentimes dealing with female subjects. These realist paintings, drawings, and collages explore the intersection of consumerism and feminism while establishing a dialogue with the past, contrasting the socialist symbolism and Western pop culture that permeated her upbringing and informed her global outlook. Olowska’s work has a recently established momentum on the secondary market, as her painting Tati 2 sold for double its low estimate at Phillips in June of 2021. Olowska’s work has been exhibited at the 50th Venice Biennale, the 9th Istanbul Biennial, and the 5th Berlin Biennale.

The artist currently lives and works in Rabka-Zdroj, Poland.

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