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Helen Johnson

Private Listing , 2015

Estimate $30,000 - $40,000
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About the artist

Helen Johnson

Helen Johnson (born 1979) is an Australian artist who primarily works in painting to investigate questions around colonialism, the construction of national identity in Australia, and contemporary politics, along with her own personal history. Johnson was born in Melbourne, Australia, which is where she currently lives and works. She received her BFA from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and a PhD from Monash University. Johnson works large-scale on unstretched canvas. Her surfaces are constructed by masking and layering content. Her work draws upon personal, immediate experiences along with broader, socio-cultural and historical ones. The content that is densely layered on her canvases range from political cartoons, nineteenth and twentieth-century painting, architectural maps, and handwritten text. Although driven by historical research, Johnson often employs humor in her work, making her paintings thoughtful and playful compositions. She has had solo exhibitions at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Chapter, Cardiff; Glasgow International; Lauren Gitlen, New York; and Minerva, Sydney, among others.

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