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Elad Lassry

Private Listing , 2012

Estimate $4,000 - $6,000
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About the artist

Elad Lassry

Elad Lassry is an Israeli-American artist born in 1977 known for his unusual approach to photography. After receiving his BFA from CalArts in 2003 and his MFA from the University of Southern California in 2007, Lassry mounted a solo exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago which highlighted the work and techniques for which he has become best know. Lassry sources images from vintage picture magazines and film archives to remove the people and objects in them from their original contexts and revive them within new narratives. He disrupts classic art historical arrangements, such as mother and child or the conventional still life, to create new placements with bright color palettes in which the frame of the image -- which never exceeds the size of a magazine page -- is painted a vibrant color derived from the photograph or print. Lassry often displays his photographic compositions in conjunction with 16mm film projections that are on a continuous loop next to the image. 

Lassry has had solo exhibitions around the world, and his work is held in the permanent collections of institutions globally, including the Guggenheim Museum, Museum Ludwig, Castello di Rivoli – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, and the Walker Art Center. The artist currently lives and works in Los Angeles. 

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