Private Listing

Cecily Brown

Private Listing , 2019

Works on paper
Estimate $600,000 - $800,000
Added during invoicing: 10% LiveArt Fee and Shipping Costs from Delaware, USA
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About the artist

Cecily Brown

British painter Cecily Brown (born 1969) rose to prominence in the mid 1990s as a leading contemporary painter for her ability to seamlessly combine abstraction and figuration in her large-scale canvases. Referencing the canon of art history from the fantastical compositions of Goya to the gestural mark-making of Willem de Kooning, Brown infuses her figurative paintings with expressive brushstrokes and vivid colors. Her rise in the art world coincided with the Young British Artists’, but she did not share their conceptual focus and purposefully kept her work separate, instead moving to New York City. Her first major body of painting from the mid-1990s juxtaposes hedonistic rabbits with allusions to still life traditions, beautifully melding aspects of art history with gestural energy that defies definition. Brown’s oeuvre explores sexuality and desire, her captivating canvases often filled with swirling human limbs and bodies.

Brown had her first mid-career retrospective at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 2006, and has exhibited around the globe including New York, Hong Kong, London, and Berlin. She is among the most expensive living artists, her work has sold for seven figures on the secondary market, proving the power of her formalism. 

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