Private Listing

Anna Park

Private Listing , 2018

Works on paper
Estimate $135,000 - $165,000
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About the artist

Anna Park

Anna Park, born in South Korea in 1996, is a Brooklyn-based artist recognized for her charcoal drawings of crowded scenes. For eight years, Park studied at the Visual Art Institute in Utah, where she met her mentor Bruce Robertson. She then attended the Pratt Institute for two years and then went to New York Academy of Art to complete the Certificate of Fine Arts Program. KAWS came across Park’s drawings at a school event and became an instant admirer of her work. Park immediately received worldwide attention after Kaws posted her drawings to his social media, including a commissioned movie poster for David Finch’s film Mank. Park’s charcoal drawings are kinetic and enthralling, with her action scenes that depict crowd activity. Her drawings often move across revelry and chaos while merging different sensibilities. Park’s subjects often have distorted faces that tend to disappear into the background, evoking an absence of identity. Park’s various moves throughout her childhood are an important source of inspiration in her work, where she felt her self-identity consistently at risk throughout all her transitions. Park’s creative process begins with selecting photos off of Google Images, where she then uses sharp lines and cutting shapes of the crowd to create the architecture of the composition. She then uses charcoal through the paper, resulting in a rhythmic yet striking composition with careful use of light and shadow. Anna Park has received many notable awards, including the First Prize Winner of AXA Art Prize, the Grand Prize Winner of Strokes of Genius 11: Finding Beauty, and the Foundation Merit Award Competition. In addition, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions and fairs, including the  Interior at Venus Over Manhattan, New York, NY;  Sympathetic Magic at Blum and Poe, Los Angeles, CA; UNTITLED  Art Fair with Richard Heller, Miami, Florida; and Asia Now Art Fair with  Over the Influence, Paris, France.

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