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Holy Parachutes

Shaunté Gates

Holy Parachutes

48 x 72 Inches
Mixed media
Unique artwork
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About the artist

Shaunté Gates

Shuanté Gates (born 1979) is a contemporary artist based in Washington D.C. whose work juxtaposes realistic and fantastical motifs in a surreal environment that suggests the state of semi-consciousness right before one falls asleep. In his work he layers photography, collage, painting and drawing as well as a multiplicity of gestures and mark making. Monumental figures, bird and animal forms merge together to create a dream-scape that slowly reveals itself. Gates has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows  including Parrish Gallery, Longview Gallery, The Graham Collection, Attitude Exact, Sidwell Friends School, T. Miller Gallery (Baltimore, MD), and RFA Gallery (Harlem, NY), as well The Corcoran College of Art. Major commissions include a piece for the Howard University School of Law, marking its 140th anniversary, unveiled by UN Ambassador Susan Rice.

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