Hamnesberet hand eczema cursorscaping

Petra Cortright

Hamnesberet hand eczema cursorscaping , 2017

48.0 x 94.0 Inches
Digital painting on anodized aluminum
Estimate $70,000 - $86,000
Added during invoicing: 10% LiveArt Fee and Shipping Costs

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About the artist

Petra Cortright

Petra Cortright, born in 1986, is an American digital artist and key figure in the post-internet art movement. Working in both physical and digital spaces, Cortright produces paintings, sculptures, video installations, and NFTs, along with other natively digital work. In 2018 at the age of 30, Cortright had her first major career retrospective at the UTA Artist Space in Los Angeles. The artist has been the subject of solo and group exhibitions around the world, and her work resides in permanent collections such as the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Péréz Museum, Miami, and Rhizome’s Net Art Anthology, New York. Most recently, she produced her first NFT in partnership with Verisart, and it will likely not be her last, as Cortright explains, “My workflow is almost set up as an NFT, anyway.” 

Cortright’s career began by posting self-portrait videos taken by webcam to her YouTube channel. In Vvebcam, 2007, she recorded herself on a webcam passively scrolling through different effects while a repetitive trance beat played in the background. As her practice evolves, Cortright continues to explore the aesthetics and performative cultures of online consumption as her early works did. 

Cortright’s painting process is digitally charged and labor intensive. Beginning in Photoshop, Cortright creates a “mother file” that consists of layers of manipulated brushstrokes, found images, and icons. Her found images are sourced from the Internet, and explains that, “the abstraction in my work comes from using really bad quality images.” The digital files are endlessly modifiable, until the artist reaches a “decisive moment” and translates the image into a two-dimensional object. Using an industrial printing process, Cortright transfers the final version of her files onto various substrates such as aluminum panels, sheets of linen or silk, and rag paper. Depending on the physical material used, the final image will range in opacity and transluceny. The flatness of her work is meant to echo the flatness of the computer screen on which they were created. The sensory digital landscapes of Cortright inspire meditations on color, form, and the act of art-making itself. Cortright lives and works in Los Angeles, California. 

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