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Sterling Ruby

Private Listing , 2012

Estimate $130,000 - $140,000
Added during invoicing: 10% LiveArt Fee and Shipping Costs from Delaware, USA
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About the artist

Sterling Ruby

Sterling Ruby, born in 1972 in Germany, is an American contemporary artist who works in a wide variety of media including ceramics, painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, video, and textiles. Influenced by the aesthetics of urban graffiti and in defiance of the Minimalist movement, Ruby’s works often appear scratched, defaced, camouflaged, dirty, or splattered. Proclaimed as one of the most interesting artists to emerge this century by New York Times art critic Roberta Smith, Ruby's work examines the psychological space where individual expression confronts social constraint. Ruby’s work has a strong presence in the secondary market, frequently selling for over six figures and into the millions. The artist has also translated his work with fabric to the fashion world, blurring the line between high fashion and high art as his garments are acquired by fashionistas and art collectors alike. After creating a ready-to-wear fashion collection in 2019, in 2021 Ruby became the first American in over a decade to debut a haute couture fashion line at Paris Fashion Week.  


Ruby graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Lancaster in 1996. He received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2002, followed by an MFA from the ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, California in 2005.

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