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Andy Warhol

Private Listing , 1985

Estimate $260,000 - $280,000
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Andy Warhol

One of the most influential and important artists in contemporary art and culture, Andy Warhol was a founder of and major figure in Pop Art. Trained as an illustrator and graphic designer, in the early 1960s Warhol began creating paintings that took as their subject matter mass media and advertising images. Such works as his “Campbell Soup Cans” “Marilyns” and “Coke Bottles” shocked the art world for elevating consumer and celebrity culture into the realm of fine art. Warhol’s process was also controversial; he used silkscreen, a process associated with the commercial arts, that was perceived as eliminating signs of artistic gesture and emotion. Warhol continued to experiment throughout his career - in prints, paintings, drawings, films and photographs - and his legacy is evident in his continued prominence in the art market and his prevailing influence on contemporary artists.  

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