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    From the Studio: Andy Mister

Prolific with a pencil, artist Andy Mister’s works on paper mounted to board are much like his lyric essays: simple, yet stirring. Set on a backdrop of psychedelic hues, Mister’s meticulously hand-drawn appropriated images, akin to the Pictures Generation and often titled with alt-90s band lyrics, are composed with as much thoughtfulness, intention and reflection as one would compose prose. And it’s no wonder, before picking up a pencil and charcoal, New Orleans born Mister pursued an MFA in creative writing at the University of Montana where he found inspiration in the characters of the New York School of Poetry, particularly in the inventive work of legendary mid-century poet, art critic and curator, Frank O’Hara. Like O’Hara, a “poet among painters,” Mister thrives off the cross-pollination of creative expression -- writing, music and charcoal on paper. But it was with that charcoal on paper in Red Hook, Brooklyn -- and now in Beacon, New York -- where Mister found his stride. 
"For me, my drawings are made of marks. In my work, I try to focus on mark making in the same way that words are the fundamental element of writing."
- Andy Mister
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