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Kwesi Botchway

Private Listing , 2020

Estimate $250,000 - $300,000
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About the artist

Kwesi Botchway

Kwesi Botchway (born 1994) is a contemporary Ghanian artist whose intimate portraits of Black figures have made him one of the most sought after emerging artists around the world today. While Botchway’s earlier work is considered to be more photorealistic, his new style is one he refers to as “Afro-Impressionism,” vibrant high-contrast colors and heightened textures make up these portraits- works that have made his ascent in the art world “meteoric” to some. 

Color plays a central and critical role in Botchway’s paintings. It is used as a means of expressing not only the subject’s character, but also their community and culture as well. A woman staring out at the viewer in hues of rich purple alludes to wealth and status, even royalty. Inspired by Kerry James Marshall, Stephen Bennett, and Amoako Boafo, all of whom he has worked with since 2015, Botchway highlights ideas of beauty in relation to the Black experience. He often pulls from the canon of art history, sitting his subjects in poses that reference classic works of art. 

Botchway has exhibited in Cape Town, Denmark, and London. His first solo exhibition took place in 2020 in Accra at Gallery 1957. 

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