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    LiveArt AuctionRemix: Same Artists, Lower Fees

LiveArt AuctionRemix operates upon a simple yet revolutionary premise; we have the same artists you see at the major auctions, but with markedly lower transaction fees. As the fall 2021 auction season begins, check out LiveArt Remix weekly to see an updated roster of works by artists on the auction block available for immediate sale on LiveArt Market. This week’s collection of works features some of the most sought-after artists of the season, from mainstays like Andy Warhol, Yayoi Kusama, and Sam Francis to emerging talents like Josh Smith, Susumu Kamijo, and Deborah Roberts. Roberts just recently set an auction record when her work Serenade fetched $119,700. LiveArt is offering a comparable work at 2/3rds the price. Lower fees and the immediacy of a peer-to-peer sale — Why wait for auction?
"I try to make my work so that it’ll appeal to a lot of different people: kids and adults. I want people to look at my work and understand exactly how it was made. I mean, ’cause you can see all the brushstrokes. I like my work a lot. It’s the thing I like most about myself. Really. I love the idea of my work in homes."
- Josh Smith

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